Essence's Divinity

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Essence's Divinity

Sylvia Hubbard
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He was supposed to die, but Osirus never did what he was supposed to do and Essence didn’t realize this until her patient decided to ignore the Do Not Resuscitate order to breath on his own.

Now she’s faced with losing her job and her whole way of life if anyone finds out what she’s done.

Especially Osirus.

Good thing he was unconscious.

Or had he?

* * * 

Another story starter by Romance Suspense Author, Sylvia Hubbard


Essence is hiding the biggest secret from Osirus, but she's dedicated herself to getting him back to some kind of normal as his nurse and physical therapist.

On top of that, she has to resist her growing attraction to her patient. She's already crossed the line once. Hopefully, his memory doesn't return before she can get away from him and never lay eyes on Osirus Numen ever again.

Part 3 Coming Soon

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I want this!

Exclusive Story Starter & Part 2

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